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trope bingo cards!


Ace / Demi Deities Heart on Sleeve Raised by Wolves Relative Values: Families Jane of All Trades
Green-eyed Monster Hey It's That Guy: Minor Characters Physical Imperfections Blue Bird of Happiness I'm Sexual - But I'm Ace for You
Greed Empath WILD CARD Virginity Mating Strictly for Procreation
Mistaken Identity Regret Fortune Cookie Message Betrayal Harems
Praise or Humiliation Spanking Above Good and Evil Cute Bookworm Email


Romance-free Plot Zone Contentment Nostalgia Tentacles Love
Truth Or Dare Food/Cooking And Mealtimes Cuddling Cop on the Take Aphrodisiacs (Includes Things Like Sex Pollen)
Voice Mail Wingfic WILD CARD Secret Admirers Bumper Sticker
Primal Instincts Vampires/Supernatural AU Miscommunication Drunkenness & Inebriation Propaganda
Homesickness Hallucinations/Visions Tweet or Text Message Quarantine Weather Report


Flying a kite Drawing on the sidewalk in chalk Unscrewing an Oreo to eat it
Fingerpaints Chasing bubbles blown by someone else Wearing clothing with your name on it
Saturday morning cartoons Snowball fight Visiting the zoo